ICT in Our Lives 2015

DEC 2015

Initiative Other

Category Firefox OS

URL https://www.facebook.com/events/130410857315987/

Hashtag #ICT_Alex

Description Annual international scientific Conference of the Information Systems and Computers department,Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria University. It's a three-day conference where the third day is directed towards a set of workshops for students. http://ictinourlives.alexu.edu.eg/

Venue Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria University

City Al Iskandariyah

Region Al Iskandariyah

Country Egypt

Mozilla Egypt have invitation to give talk in this conference about Firefox OS and make booth for Mozilla.


  • Represent Mozilla in the Conference.
  • Introduce and Spread Mozilla mission and products to all attendees.
  • Give a talk about the Firefox OS (introduction, platform structure, tools to Develop apps and how to contribute/involve in Firefox OS).
  • Make a booth for Mozilla by using @abdelrahman booth link, we will just transmit it from the AAST to Faculty of Commerce and back it again.
  • Recruiting new Mozillians to contribute with Mozilla or Mozilla Egypt community.
  • Update: we will give another session about the Mozilla student program (FSA) by @abdelrahman

5 attending, including...