ICT in Our Lives 2016


Initiative Other

Category Community support / participation

URL https://www.facebook.com/events/1430166660330336/

Hashtag #ICT_Alex

Description Annual international scientific Conference of the Information Systems and Computers department,Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria University. It's a three-day conference where the third day is directed towards a set of workshops for students. http://ictinourlives.alexu.edu.eg/

Venue Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria University

City Al Iskandariyah

Region Al Iskandariyah

Country Egypt

Mozilla Egypt got an invitation to participate in this conference about.


  • Represent Mozilla in the Conference.
  • Introduce and Spread Mozilla's mission and products to all attendees.
  • Campus clubs program and how to contribute
  • Maker party
  • Give a talk about web VR and how to make your own vr experience.
  • Introduce rust programming and how to make your first demo.
  • Make a booth for Mozilla by using @abdelrahman booth link, we will transmit it from the AAST to Faculty of Commerce and back it again.
  • Recruiting new Mozillians to contribute with Mozilla or Mozilla Egypt community.