IIPOS - Jaipur


Initiative Campaigns

Category Community support / participation

Hashtag #IIPOSJaipur

Description A Campaign for Industrial Inclination Program Towards Open Source. In this there shall be representatives from various small scale industries learning about how various open source tools and programs can assist them in improvising their working efficiency. Also How can they return the best of them to the technical communities. We shall be meeting these business owners and their team to discuss about the power of open source.

Venue Jaipur

City Jaipur

Area Rajasthan

Country or Region India

In this we shall be covering professionals from Cyber Security, Game Developers, Architects , Web designers and Application developers, We shall be emphasising on Security and Virtual Reality. During this even our team shall be visiting the offices of various small scale technical startups in and near the city Interacting with them about various Open Source Tools available that could facilitate their work. The Vision behind the complete campaign is to increase the inclination of the professional developers towards the open source. At the same time we shall also try to motivate various professionals for contributing to the open source projects used by them and develop documentarians that could assist other developers too in implementing the same in a far more efficient manner.