“Inter-Connected” Maker Party for "Teachers-To-Be " In Asia 2014 – Palembang Section

OCT 2014

Category Campus, Mozilla Leadership Network

URL http://ttb2014.strikingly.com/

Hashtag #TTB2014

Description This event is as an extension of the Maker party held by KMD in collaboration with ITB. The targets for this workshop are university students in Asia. The main purpose of MPTTB is to make and share a “Class-Recipe” between participants. Class-Recipe is a type of lesson plan, which focuses on creating a wonderful ICT encounter for children through “Web-Making” activities. We expect that "Teachers-to-be" will have the opportunity to cooperate with each other for the future of ICT education.

Venue Universitas Sriwijaya

City Palembang

Area Sumatera Selatan

Country or Region Indonesia