Internal meeting with the responsible of areas in mozilla Cuba

OCT 2015

Initiative Other

Category User Engagement

Description Internal meeting with the responsible of areas in Mozilla Cuba where we evaluate the state of each area in the community and we plan the next activities for November, also I talked about the service we offer for Cuban intranet and the important of update these for bring the best service for community in our country, addition to attract new collaborators for participate actively in the community.

Venue Moz-space @erick :-)

City La Havana

Region La Havana

Country Cuba

Next phase

We want create this type of meeting each 3 months as minimum for do the same things, i think that the meeting face to face, maybe could give the possibility to take advantages the our time available and @erick shared a good lemonade. :-)


We go to put the efforts in participate in all event during next three months where we have oportunity for talk in our country about the developments in Mozilla products, also join forces to end the redesing the websites, addons[1] and lighter themes[2] for Cuban community, addition collaborate in coding of some addons we created for cuban community and investigate about the new API WebExtension for create addon in the future for mozilla products and Firefox OS.