Internet and Mobile World 2014


Category Apps, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Services, User Engagement



Description MW is a 2 day event with top international speakers, innovation experts, digital leaders and local experts in technology – all of them providing valuable information, present successful case studies and latest innovations that will help you boost your business. Mozilla will be present with a speaker - Chris Heilmann.

Venue Romexpo

City Bucuresti

Region Bucuresti

Country Romania


  • we will have a booth at the Future Corner presenting Fx OS devices: Firefox OS Flame Phone; Firefox OS Tablet

metrics explained

  • Metric 1
  • average 10/ h * min 6h * 2pers= 120 * 2 days = 240
  • Metric 2
  • I an not aware of all partners but 10 articles sound about ok
  • Metric 3 *10 including new App makers, Devs, etc.

6 attending, including...