J.U.S.T FSA traning

SEP 2014

Category Accessibility, Addons, Apps, Campus, Code Contributions, Creative, Developer Documentation, Developer Tools, Diversity and Inclusion, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Localization, Mozilla Leadership Network, Open Badges, People, Privacy, Recruiting, Security, User Engagement, Web Development

Hashtag #just_fsa

Description this event for training fsa's of Jordan university of since and technology we will be training the fsa on different subject of Mozilla so they can mange the club and represent there role effectively . subjects: 1-what is Mozilla ? 2-the fsa program. 3-webmaker 4-firefox OS development and programming. 5-loclization. 6-addons. 7-documntion. 8-WOMZ. 9-privacy and security Also we are having multiple hackathons for localization and webmaker .

Venue jordan unvirsty of since and technolgy

City irbed

Region Irbid

Country Jordan

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