JSConf Budapest 2016 Mozilla Hackerlounge


Initiative Tech speakers program

Category Connected Devices

Hashtag #jsconfbp

Description A 3-day hackerlounge, organized by hungarian Mozillians with the help of Mozilla DevRel. Mozilla supports JS/CSSConf Budapest as a Gold sponsor this year.

Venue Akvárium klub

City Budapest

Region Budapest

Country Hungary

CSSConf is the first hungarian invocation of the CSSConf-family events. JSConf Budapest is one of the biggest JSConf-family events in Europe, and is currently sold out, 450+ attendees expected for 1+2 days of conferencing.

The Mozilla hackerlounge is an all-day-open space for hacking & learning during all 3 days of the conference with talks and hacking sessions by Mozillians, speakers and the conference attendees themselves.

More info on the hackerlounge effort could be found here.