Kingswood College Training Session

MAY 2014

Category Apps, Campus, Firefox OS, Web Development

Hashtag #mozillaLK

Description Sessions for school student to about firefox development, features and local community. this event has two parts. one for Advanced Level IT students. other one for Ordinary level students. both run parallel. we targeting 50 A/L students and 150 O/L students

Venue 7.2770683,80.6148756

City Kandy

Region Mahanuvara

Country Sri Lanka

There will be a mozilla Sri Lanka school event, which is first of a series at Kingswood College kandy on 26th of May 2014 starting at 8.00AM. This will be our first school event and we choose Kandy because our first event was located at Colombo (NSBM), We need to spread our voice all over the Sri Lanka. We believe that the school children are our best valued jewels at this mission as they will be leading the future. If they were polite by the Software counterfeiting it will be a havoc at the near future. So we choose to work with school children and empower them with the vast IT knowledge such things as Mobile application development, HTML5 which is latest of it’s Kind and CSS. We are going to give them to have some experience with latest FirefoxOS mobile phones which are we refer as Keon devices. Also we will explain them about the Firefox desktop browser and Firefox Mobile browser advantages and How to use it. Also we will giveaway some cool items to the students as a memorial item.