L10N bootcamp MX 2014


Category Firefox OS, Localization

Description This event is organized by a lot of awesome reps: Jeff Beatty Odin Mojica Julio Gomez Luis Sanchez

Venue TBD

City Ciudad Universitaria

Region Distrito Federal

Country Mexico

objective: 1) The es-MX l10n team lacks organization and education about the process and the tools used in performing l10n tasks. This is mostly because it has been in rebuilding for a period of time. 2) The es-MX l10n team is now dispersed between two countries: Mexico and the U.S. They need to meet and work together in person to determine the future of l10n. 3) Native language l10n teams in Mexico ​​also lack training with Pootle and l10n process. Those who see becoming an official release of Firefox also need guidance to begin to move towards that goal.


     Introduction to the Mozilla Nativo project.

     Pootle training workshops

     Workshops on l10n process for products and web sites

     Workshop on team organization and determining l10n roles

     A discussion of the status of the es-MX l10n and its future

     A discussion of the state of native Mexican language teams ​​and how to motivate them to produce official localizations.

     Workshop on the creation of new words for technical terms (indigenous languages​​)

     Introducing Firefox OS in native languages ​​(Zapotec Disste)