Lanzamiento oficial Firefox Guarani

APR 2016

Initiative Other

Category Localization

Hashtag #Aguarata #FirefoxGuarani #mozpy

Description Officially the translation Guarani Mozilla Firefox browser #Guarani Aguaratata was concluded on Monday, March 7, 2016, after two years and four months of patient and meticulous teamwork. Notably, no doubt, this great work of translation is the most important event of recent times in favor of strengthening and nesting Guarani language.

Venue Facultad Politécnica Universidad Nacional de Asunción

City San Lorenzo

Region Central

Country Paraguay

The translation is done entirely at Guarani. The circumstances allowed the incorporation of new words that are easily understandable. The translation and validation criteria aimed not generate ambiguities in the use of words to avoid confusion in the user; ie that the same word was not used to nominate two or three different concepts. Specifically, a single, specific word for each term