Letspy 2k19


Initiative Other

Category Community support / participation

URL https://www.letspy.in

Hashtag #letspy2k19

Description LetsPy is a two day Django Python ‘workathon’ (workshop/hackathon) aimed at introducing novice enthusiasts/students to the world of computer science and collaborative development.

Venue Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology

City Kottayam

Area Kerala

Country or Region India

We hope to cover the basic concepts of programming through python and Django and introduce concepts of collaborative development and version control with Git. Our aim is to make the upcoming tech makers understand the basic programming concepts, how an industry works and the Dynamics of an open-source project.

We have a talk and small workshop regarding Mozilla Community Creation, Camps Club and Contribute to Common Voice and open-source technologies

We propose a 4 student - 1 mentor model. For each group of 4 students, we will assign a python professional who can guide them through the workshops. This, hopefully, will increase the understandability and efficiency of the workshops.

This event is organized by five leading communities of Kerala. Student Developer Society, Kochi Python, MozillaKerala, Pehia, and Tinkerhub.

Total participants : 50 students (40 + 10 RIT), 10 mentors, 25 volunteers (20 communities + 5 RIT)