French Locasprint n°4


Initiative Other

Category Localization

Hashtag #locasprint

Description More and more localization tasks, more and more volunteers who want to contribute, but need to be taught how it works. This event aims to strengthen the links between localizers, and to increase the number of members in each team. We will localize, teach workflows & tools, share tips and onboard newcomers in the French community.

Venue Mozilla Paris Office, 16 bis blv Montmartre

City Paris

Region Paris

Country France

Several l10n activities will take place during this event:

  • We will update MDN pages

  • We will translate and update SUMO pages

  • We will translate snippets, social media content, pages, blog posts…

But we will also mentor newcomers (from beginners to professional translators) and explain how we work together, how we organize collaborative translations, what tools we are using (mailing list, GitHub, Etherpad, Pontoon, Transvision, l10n dashboards…), how to use them, our styleguide, our commitment to produce high quality content while still meeting every deadline, etc.



  • Hit again the 100% done all over (we are around 93% done atm, 50 articles need update or translation).

  • Add a significant number of French speaking screenshots for the top 20 articles . 20 would be good - 50 would be a great achievement

  • Welcome and mentor newcomers, in order they can manage themselves two or three articles in the long term


  • Welcome newcomers, introduce them to MDN and recruit for mid-long term maintenance of l10n in FR
  • Glossary section: 60% translated / 100% up to date (vs. 55% & 76% 26th Dec.)
  • Learning Area: 100% translated/up to date (vs. 98% & 100% 26th Dec.)
  • CSS: 60% translated / 48% up to date (vs. 54% & 45% 26th Dec.)
  • HTML: 100% translated / 30% up to date (vs. 95% 20% 26th Dec.)
  • Pontoon (static UI strings): 100% (vs. 100% 26th Dec)
  • JavaScript section: 100% translated/updated (vs. 94% & 100% 26th Dec.)

OTHER L10N tasks

  • pages and snippets,
  • current newsletters
  • social media messages update
  • ...

See for realtime information.

9 attending, including...