Locasprint Nº3


Category Developer Documentation, Localization, People, User Support (SUMO)

Hashtag #locasprint

Description More and more localization tasks, more and more volunteers who want to contribute, but need to be taught how it works. This is the aim of this event made to strenghten the links between localizers, and to increase the number of members in each team.

Venue 16 Boulevard Montmartre

City Paris

Area Paris

Country or Region France

General Information

SUMO Goals

We expect to reach min 20 Sumo articles translated-reviewed and released during the 2.5 day-event. Average goal 25 articles, 30 would be very nice achievement (depends also on the number of attendees of course). details:

  1. as we have now Firefox OS devices distributed in France, we shall focus especially on translating/finetuning Sumo articles for Firefox OS, but also Firefox for Android Support needs work and a number of articles for firefox are to be updated. Well, there is much to do.

  2. we will try to invite 2/3 already active contributors and 1/3 newcomers we will help on their first steps, so some of them may become regular contributors for Mozilla.

MDN Goals

  • goals for MDN will be estimated by other contributors soon.

Websites/Apps Goals

  • goals for Mozilla applications and Websites will be estimated by other contributors soon.

10 attending, including...