Mahajanga MozTalk

APR 2016

Initiative Campus Campaign

Category Community support / participation

Hashtag #mjgMozTalk

Description A talk about Mozilla and the Madagascar Mozilla Community in an university campus. The audience will be mainly students as it is in a campus. There will be four Mozillians who will do the talking and organize the event It will be our first event in the city of Mahajanga. We chose this city because some of us have a strong relationship with the leaders at the university and we only have 4 Mozillians there. We hope to recruit more.

Venue IUGM, Campus Ambondrona, Mahajanga

City Mahajanga

Region Boeny

Country Madagascar

Talks will be about

  • Mozilla missions
  • Mozilla Madagascar Community
  • Contributions Opportunity


  • Franckis (Mozilla and its mission, Privacy)
  • Tino (How to develop for the Web)
  • Mariot (FSA and how to contribute)
  • Bertholomé (Webmaker)


Forms will be distributed to the audience after the event so they can tell us what they are interested in.