Marketplace & AMO Hackfest Dhaka

DEC 2015

Initiative Firefox Marketplace Cafe

Category Code Contributions

Hashtag #marketplacedhk

Description This event will be co-organized by Tanha Islam and Atique Ahmed Ziad. In this event participants will be Hacking marketplace, Amo codebase & Fixing bugs.

Venue HubDhaka

City Dhaka

Area Dhaka

Country or Region Bangladesh

Marketplace & AMO Hackfest Dhaka

  • Intro on marketplace & Addons (20 min)
  • Get started with Bugzilla & github (50 min)
  • Get started with Marketplace & Addon codebase (1hr)
  • Search for good first bug in Bugzilla & assign participants (30 min)
  • Start hacking & fixing bugs. (8 hrs)