Meetup ISM

JUN 2013

Category Evangelism Product, User Engagement, User Support (SUMO)

Hashtag #mozism

Description Under these university tours, Mozilla Senegal will be at "Le groupe ISM" the friday, June 14, 2013 in Dakar. The first time at this institute, Mozilla Senegal will show the priority mission for mozilla and why to contribute in open source projects.

Venue ISM Droit & Informatique

City Dakar

Region Dakar

Country Senegal

  • Free Software and GNU / Linux, general aspects - Stefano Amekoudi - Responsible digital campus AUF
  • Mozilla 15 years of Open web ( Mission - products - get involved) - Mouhamadou M. Niang - Alassane Dieng - Mozilla Reps
  • The web is the platform (Firefox OS Simulator Demo - Geekphone Keon Demo) - Mouhamadou M. CAMARA - Mozilla Reps - Mozilla Senegal Lead
  • Q&R session : All you need to know about Mozilla - Mozilla Senegal Team