Meetup Mozilla Appmaker

MAR 2014

Category Apps, Firefox OS, Labs


Hashtag #appmakerfr

Description David Ascher, from the Mozilla Appmaker team, is in France for a while : he is very appreciated by the French-speaking community because he is really talented and because... he speaks French ! So he proposed to ran our first Appmaker meetup, and we are more than happy to welcome him and discover what Appmaker is !

Venue 16 bis Boulevard Montmartre

City Paris

Region Paris

Country France

What is Appmaker ?

Appmaker is a free, open source app authoring tool that lets you drag and drop individual components to build and share custom mobile apps right in your web browser.

Appmaker lets you combine a selection of web components — small units of functionality — to build personalized apps. Components include buttons, lists, photo shutters, maps with geolocation, chat rooms and more. Written in HTML, these components are designed to function like tiny webpages and Appmaker allows you to snap them together. Remember building with Lego? It works in a similar way.

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En français

David Ascher est en charge des produits de la Fondation Mozilla, après avoir été directeur des Mozilla Labs. Il viendra présenter le dernier projet de la Fondation, AppMaker, un outil en ligne de création d'applications Web, de même que des outils permettent de créer des pages Web sans connaitre HTML, AppMaker vise à permettre à tout le monde de créer des applications mobile sans connaitre la programmation, au travers d'une interface graphique. En combinant des briques existantes, AppMaker permet à tout le monde de créer des applications simples et personnalisées.