Meetup Rust Paris 03

APR 2014

Category Campus, Code Contributions, Evangelism Product, Labs

Hashtag #rustlang, #rustParisMeetup, #rustlangfr, #mozfr

Description Mozilla and the Rust community are proud to invite you to discover Rust! Rustaceans of all skill levels are welcome, or even if you are just curious about the language. We're looking forward to exploring the wonders of Rust with everybody! The purpose of this Event is to share knowledge, learn about Rust and contribute to existing projects or to the Rust project itself.

Venue Mozilla Space

City Paris

Region Paris

Country France


Developing a Rust community in Paris:

Getting peoples involved, for contributing, and spreading the Rust.

Making workshops:

Planing a workshop for contributing to Rust and or Servo.

Improving documentation: Writing examples in documentation. Documenting crates.

Spread the Rust.

Making technological evangelism.