Mini-Camp Punjab

NOV 2014

Category Accessibility, Apps, Campus, Code Contributions, Creative, Developer Documentation, Developer Tools, Diversity and Inclusion, Evangelism Product, Firefox OS, Localization, Location Services, Mozilla Leadership Network, Open Badges, People, Quality Assurance, User Engagement, User Support (SUMO), Web Development

Hashtag #minicamppunjab

Description We are organizing this event for all passionate people in and around Punjab, to tell them about the community as well as to motivate them for individual contributions to the Mozilla's projects and to the community. The main focus of this event is to build & grow the Mozilla Community in Punjab and encourage more and more newbie volunteers to join the mission, ensure productivity and quality in the contributions and plan for the future events & goals for the Mozilla Community Punjab.

Venue Chandigarh College Of Engineering and Technology

City Chandigarh

Region Chandigarh

Country India

Agenda: This meetup will serve as a SCRUM for the upcoming months so that the contributors can work in more Productive Way. It will be a fresh kickstart to the Mozilla Community Punjab. One of the major issue faced is newbies want to contribute but don't know how to. So the focus will also be on explaining the various contribution verticals (also a hands on) to all the club leads and other attendees, so that they can explain the same in their clubs and eventually increase the individual contribution to the vertical in which they are comfortable. Contributors around Punjab are doing great but are random. For that we need to meet at a nice place where we can interact with each other and share the problems and find solutions and eventually start contributing in right direction and ensure quality and productivity in even the most smallest things/contributions that we do.

Few Contribution verticals which will be discussed are:

-Writing/Editing a MDN doc

-Reporting and fixing bugs at Bugzilla

-Army of Awesome


-Creating Makes

-Creating Demos

-Support Forum

-An overview of Firefox codebase and also Gaia (only for interested ones)

-The Firefox OS has been launched in India, so we will have an hour of an app dev session(including a live app submission), in which we will have a basic app building session(using Appmaker tool) and an advanced dev session too(for advanced developers, including web apis etc.) The agenda also includes planning for few more parties and prepare the newly joined FSAs to take the leadership for such parties.

We here in Rajasthan are trying to build a group of awesome contributors/developers in Punjab, on which Mozilla can count.

-Community Building in Punjab

-Ensuring Productivity and Quality in the contributions.

Basically it will be an open and a very informal and a friendly talk, but the sessions will be initiated as follows:

*Mozilla Mission - Osho Parth

*Webmaker tools - Adit Bharadwaj and Lavish Aggarwal

*App Maker Session - Tushar Arora

*App Dev Session - Lavish Aggarwal/Trishul Goel

*Evangelism and Firefox OS - Osho Parth

*Bugzilla and codebase overview - Trishul Goel

*SUMO and Career Opportunities with Mozilla - Varun Kaushik

*Data Science - Raj Rohit

*Community Building and ensuring Quality and Productivity in contributions - Osho Parth & Varun Kaushik

Q&A round in the end.

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