Movimento Mozilla na Fatec Rubens Lara - Baixada Santista

AUG 2016

Initiative Community Spaces program

Category Campus


Hashtag #movimentomozilla

Description Movimento Mozilla is a regional action aimed at the clarification of Baixada Santista general community about free software, open web and how Mozilla works to keep these ideals relevant and increasingly present in day-to-day for all technology users. Movimento Mozilla is a series of different events that will occur in various places at Baixada Santista. It shows the organizers' commitment of reach the maximum possible audience during the project lifetime, with diverse content and quality.

Venue Av. Bartolomeu de Gusmão, 110 - Fatec Rubens Lara - Baixada Santista

City Santos

Region São Paulo

Country Brazil

Event schedule:

09:00 am - Talk: Softwares Livres e um mundo menos injusto, by Paulo "Kretcheu".

10:00 am - Talk: Internet das Coisas, by André Garzia.

01:30 pm - Talk: Angular JS + PUG + LESS + Spectre + Gulp, by Luigui Delyer.

03:00 pm - Talk: Assinando sem ler quando o produto é você, by Thiago Fazzio "Guariní".

04:00 pm - Talk: Connected Devices, Vaani, API de voz da Mozilla, by Andre Natal.

07:30 pm - Talk: Envolva-se com a Mozilla Brasil, by Andre Garzia, Luigui Delyer, Carlos "Coragem", José Amilcar, Andre Natal.

08:30 pm - Talk: Docker #comofás?, by Gustavo Lichti.