Moz Hack Day MozMPCG

NOV 2018

Initiative MozActivate - Build your own extension with Firefox

Category Code Contributions


Hashtag #MozActivate #MozMPCG #MozActivateIN #MozHackDay

Description Add-ons provide a safe, simple, and powerful way to personalize your browsing experience. With WebExtensions APIs, it’s easier than ever to create extensions that can be easily ported to Firefox. Through this activity, you’ll help connect new developers with an opportunity to create add-ons to solve real problems and make their lives and the web better. Students work for around 6 hours on a programming project under the guidance of various Mentors on 18th November 2018.

Venue The Bhopal School of Social Science

City Bhopal

Area Madhya Pradesh

Country or Region India

5 attending, including...