lets work with Rust @MozMPCG

DEC 2017

Initiative MozActivate

Category Rust

Hashtag #MozActivate #MonthOfRust #MozActivateIN #MozMPCG

Description Rust is a new systems programming language sponsored by Mozilla. This event is to train developers, students, mozillians and budding programmers on Rust. Introduction to Rust, Features of Rust, Its Benefits, Don't worry most of us are just starting off.

Venue Silver Bird Cafe Agra

City Agra

Region Uttar Pradesh

Country India


  • Introduction to Mozilla & MozActivate Campaign Highlights.
  • Introduction to Rust, Features of Rust, Its Benefits.
  • Concepts of RUST.
  • Using Rust_India Short Demo Kit Like Hello_World Program and 2-3 programs.
  • Learn some Rust! Like the guessing game, Cargo,
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