MozBelajar: Dive Into Rust

OCT 2017

Initiative MozActivate

Category Rust


Hashtag #RustID #MozSpaceJKT #MozBelajar #MozActivate

Description In this event, we will learn more about what is Rust, how the difference with C / C ++ and what are its advantages when used to program the system. In closing, there will also be a small demonstration, how to use Rust to create a multithread web server while looking deeper into the TCP and HTTP stack.

Venue Mozilla Community Space Jakarta

City Jakarta

Region DKI Jakarta

Country Indonesia

If you are curious about Rust, or want to see how Rust can be used as an addition to your combat equipment, then this event is for you.

Through this event, Mozilla Indonesia in cooperation with Froyo Framework will introduce participants to Rust programming language with the basic level. This event is open for public, but because the material is quite technical, it is recommended participants who follow this event at least have experience coding.

Adityo Pratomo (Chief Academic Officer at Froyo Framework) will teach participants to explore things about Rust's programming language.

1 attending, including...