Mozboot SVIST

FEB 2015

Category Apps, Campus, Code Contributions, Creative, Diversity and Inclusion, Firefox OS, Mozilla Leadership Network, Web Development

Hashtag #MozbootSVIST

Description Mozilla Mission & its Products, How to get involve in Mozilla Projects. Building better Web with Webmaker tools. Making open web-app thorough Appmaker. How to get involve in Mozilla Projects. Introduction and need of FOSS. Hands-on session on Mozilla Webmaker tools. Demo on FirefoxOS. Awareness about FOSS. How we can contribute in FOSS. Recruiting new FSA. Encouraging WoMoz.

Venue Swami Vivekananda Institute of Technology

City Sonerpur

Region West Bengal

Country India

  • Session on Mission Mozilla
  • Session on Mozilla Webmaker
  • App-making Competition on App-maker
  • Firefox Student Ambassador Program
  • SVIST Mozilla Club launch
  • Brief Intro to Firefox OS App Development & Its Architecture

5 attending, including...