MozCafe 205.1

FEB 2015

Category Campus, Code Contributions, Firefox OS, Public Relations, Recruiting

Hashtag #mozcafeygn

Description Our first MozCafe in 2015 recruiting and promoting FirefoxOS, Firefox Student Ambassador Program.

Venue Devlab Yangon

City Yangon

Region Yangon

Country Myanmar

We are making a meetup at Saturday at Devlabs Yangon​. We will talk about community,localization and Firefox Student Ambassador program.

Community Are you interested in contributing a part of largest global community ? Volunteering with Mozilla is about more than lending a hand. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills with a global community of Mozillians — coders, organizers, activists and more — who help shape the Web every day. We have local Mozilla Myanmar Community mentoring for you to get started. Meet with us in this event.

Localization We are trying to clear the language barrier for Mozilla products by localization into Burmese and others national ethnic languages like SHAN, MON. If you are interested in giving a hand, we will get you started without any fence.

Firefox Student Ambassador If you are an undergraduate student and willing to make Firefox Club at your campus, we are gladly to help you out by mentoring and sharing our experiences. Firefox student ambassadors are the key to enable community and open source innovation around campus. Talk with us or visit this site.