MozCafe Firefox Spring Campaign Karachi

JUN 2015

Initiative Other

Category Campus


Hashtag #MozCafeFirefoxSpringCampaignKarachi

Description All Firefox Student Ambassadors from Karachi are invited to attend the Firefox Spring Campaign Event at DotZero in Karachi, Pakistan.

Venue DotZero

City Karachi

Area Sindh

Country or Region Pakistan


FSAs will be briefed about the Firefox Spring Campaign and will be asked to participate in raising awareness about Firefox using the "When it is Personal, Choose Firefox" motto, in order to increase downloads of Firefox for both Desktop and Android and to fulfill the goals of the campaign. I will brief FSAs about how they can participate in the campaign.

We will also talk about plans for each Firefox Club and the difficulties they may be facing in running or starting/establishing a Firefox Club in their university.

This will also be the first time for many FSAs to meet each other from different universities and get to learn how other Firefox Clubs in the city are being run by senior FSAs.


  • MozCafe

  • FoxYeah

  • FirefoxStudents

  • DotZero

  • PizzaHut



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