MozCamp México


Category Addons, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Localization, Market Insights, Marketing, Mozilla Leadership Network, People, Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Services, Thunderbird

Hashtag #mozcampmx

Description The aim is to bring together the community of Mozilla Mexico, is the first national meeting to be held, the Reps will be present, active members, supporters and sympathizers of Mozilla Mexico and employes of Mozilla.. On Friday it will give a conference to the general public in TelmexHub, on Saturday and Sunday (CCEM) in workshops on the axes of the community, as l10n, FirefoxOS (launch stage in Mexico), l10n, broadcast, indigenous languages​​, Webmaker, events , speakers and Webmaker.

Venue Telmex Hub and CCEM.

City Distrio Federal

Region Distrito Federal

Country Mexico

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13 attending, including...