MozCoffee São Paulo – October 2017

OCT 2017

Initiative Other

Category Community support / participation

Hashtag #MozCoffeeSP #MozCoffee

Description Our third meeting of volunteers from the region of São Paulo focused on the planning of campaigns and/or projects.

Venue Al. Barão de Limeira, 539 - Santa Cecília – SENAI Santa Cecília

City São Paulo

Region São Paulo

Country Brazil


  1. JeffreyGroup

Description: In our last meeting with Mozilla's press office, we defined that we would hold bimonthly meetings and one of the open subject for this upcoming meeting was the launch of Firefox 57. So we need to align with them if what we were thinking will really happen or not. Goal: Align the Firefox 57 plans of the press office with the local community. Owner: @Fernanda e @Vanielli

  1. Firefox 57

Description: Release Launch Goal: Elaborate a plan for the launch of Firefox 57 in São Paulo area. Owner: @Cynthia P

  1. Events

Description: Privacy Day (name pending to choose) Goal: Elaborate event plan, budget, location Owner: @Cybelle

  1. Recap of Mozilla's activities at region

Description: We'll look at all the activities we've done in the last few months, especially the Mozilla Activate campaign, and take note of what worked well, what did not work well, which was very new and awesome, as was our last partnerships with places and projects, and describe our learning to share with the community to have a clear vision for upcoming strategies with events in the region. Goal: Understand and organize our learnings on latest Mozilla campaigns runned at region building collaborative feedback. Owner: @Geraldo B