MozConnect @ Ahmedabad University

APR 2016

Initiative Campus Campaign

Category Campus

Hashtag #MozillaAtIETAbad #MozGuj #GrowGujarat

Description This event will an introduce Mozilla various opensource projects and FSA program at Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad College.

Venue Institute of Engineering, Nr. L.D.Arts College, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad

City Ahmedabad

Region Gujarat

Country India


1.Introduction to Mozilla and it's mission

2.Contribution area of Mozilla:

2.1Firefox Development (Desktop Browser, Android Browser)

2.2FirefoxOS app development (App dev. For FireoxOS devices)

2.3FirefoxQA (QA contribution by browser testing, addon testing etc.)

2.4Support forum contribution for beginner contribution

2.5L10N Project – Language translation for Firefox help articles, support forums etc.

2.6WoMoz Contribution

3.Privacy and Security

4.Introduction to FSA – Firefox Student Ambassador program:

4.1What is FSA?

4.2How to become FSA?

5.Question/Answer session 6.Feedback