APR 2013

Category Localization, Mozilla Leadership Network, User Support (SUMO), WebFWD

Hashtag #mozconnect-durgapur

Description The objective of this event is to review of previous MozCafe held in Durgapur on 13th February 2013. We need to connect potential contributors identified in this MozCafe. Connecting reps, volunteers, and identified contributors.

Venue Evelyn, Bidhan Nagar, Durgapur

City Durgapur

Area West Bengal

Country or Region India

Discussion on several topics including establishment of monthly meet-up, invite more people and get them involve in various projects. I have seen some very enthusiastic students who are really very passionate, dynamic, potential to contribute and hunger to learn new technologies. They just want proper guidance to move forward. This event will help us and new comers to coupled in engaging Mozilla projects.