MozFR 2012


Category Localization, People, Recruiting, User Engagement, User Support (SUMO)


Hashtag #MozFR2012

Description Meetup of the french-speaking mozilla contributors.

Venue 43 rue d’Aboukir

City Paris

Region Ploucardie Septentrionale

Country France

The French-speaking Mozilla community didn’t survive the recent changes — the most active contributors have become very bitter and decided to leave the project. :-/

It’s very sad but now we have to move on. The first required action is to have these former contributors transmit their know-how to new volunteers, and this has to be done before the Summer time.

We have to build a community that doesn’t rely on a small group of highly active people, but on a (hopefully) much larger group of less active contributors. We were focused on l10n tasks and FLOSS events; we’re proposing to rebuild the community around five activity groups: l10n, dev, support, evangelism, propaganda.

We also have to gather the whole community around MozFR. So far we had three groups (Frenchmozilla, Xulfr, Geckozone) and these three groups are dying… we have to team up and get these people to better know each other.

Last but not least, we have to meet everybody and work on the technical infrastructure to help contributors to get more efficient. We see a few new nicks on #frenchmoz, it’s time to turn these nicks into real-life contributors. ^^