Mozilla Affiliate Pilot Project in Bucharest - Ceata Hacker Space



Hashtag #ceata-mozilla

Description Fundația Ceata runs again a hacker space (25 people capacity) in Bucharest! As usual, the space is used only for Free Software and Free Culture projects, including many Mozilla-related projects. Our aim is to become a Mozilla Affiliated Space and help shaping this project.

Venue Ceata Hacker Space (39 Aleea Mostiștea)

City Bucharest

Region Bucharest

Country Romania

Fundația Ceata

Fundația Ceata is a Romanian Free Software and Free Culture Activist Foundation. It started as a group in mid 2008 in Bucharest (the capital city of Romania) and now it has more than 100 members all over Romania and Republic of Moldova. It is organized into local groups (Moldova and Cluj) and working groups (Mozilla, Trisquel and Games) each having its own mailing list.

Mozilla working group

Ceata's Mozilla working group now counts 20 volunteers. Most of them are developers and translators. Half of them are in living in Bucharest. 5 of them are the core contributors (Gabriel Ivănică, Cristian Silaghi, Raul Malea, Eugen Strătilă and myself). Over the time, Ceata has organized Firefox tech talks, launch parties, birthday parties, community meet-ups, hackathons and an add-on competition.

First Ceata space

Between August 2011 and June 2012, Ceata has been running a hacker space in the center of Bucharest. The space opened on the occasion of the award ceremony of Ceata's Firefox Add-on Competition. Ceata organized and hosted events for Free Software projects such as Mozilla, openSUSE, Debian and Free Java, but also Free Culture projects such as Culture Freedom Day, meetings on Open Data and Stop ACTA.

Ceata space policy

Ceata is devoted to Free Software and Free Culture (as in freedom, it can be used commercially) and these are the only kinds of projects that can be developed in a Ceata hacker space. To enforce freedom and grow the contributor community, Ceata hasn't charged and will never charge a membership fee for hacking in a Ceata space.


Since the beginning Ceata has been supported by its founder, Tiberiu C. Turbureanu, by its supporting members and by occasional donors.

New Ceata space

In December 2012, Ceata is opening a new hacker space in Bucharest in an easily accessible location near a main line subway station. Ceata is aiming to enroll this space in the future Mozilla Affiliated Spaces programme and in order to achieve this, will be participating in a 3-month pilot project.