Mozilla Bangladesh l10n Sprint Feb 2016


Initiative Campus Campaign

Category Localization

Hashtag #MotherLanguageDaySprint

Description This is an online l10n sprint at the occasion of International mother language day on 21 February 2016.

Venue Online

City All over the country

Region Dhaka

Country Bangladesh

Objective: Celebrate Vasha Dibasa (Internation Mother Language Day) by doing localization of Mozilla products and webparts.

What we'll translate:


  • Firefox 46 (Aurora) -
  • Firefox for Android (Aurora) -


  • Firefox -
  • Lightbeam -
  • Privect -
  • Contribute -

Web Interface:

  • SuMo -
  • MDN -

How to involve:

  1. List your name and your email address at the Participants Section bellow of the pad.
  2. Select a translation item given above, which you want to translate. If you need to Signup at any of the localization tools (website), Please do it.
  3. Put the translation item name (as like Firefox 46 or SuMo) beside your name at Participants section. If you have multiple item, use lists.
  4. Please tweet or post at Facebook about the Mozilla Bangladesh l10n sprint with a hashtag #MotherLanguageDaySprint
  5. Start translation and spread your progess in social media.