Mozilla Campus Konnect [MozTI@BESU]



Hashtag #mozti

Description This was a two day event comprising of a hands-on workshop on Firefox OS, Mozilla Marketplace Apps and Webmaker Tools. Mozilla Representatives and volunteers from all around the country are expected to be present during the event. BESU being a premier engineering college in India a large number of students are expected to join the workshop.

Venue Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur

City Howrah

Area West Bengal

Country or Region India

This was the first official event of the newly formed Mozilla Kolkata Community, with a large number of contributors and volunteers from around the country in participation.

Event Registration Link

Event Schedule:

Day 1 [Open Source Technologies]:

  1. Introductory Session.

  2. Google Summer of Code - Sayak Sarkar

  3. Outreach Program for Women - Priyanka Nag

  4. MediaWiki Code Sprint - Sucheta Ghoshal: Session Application Form

  5. BESU Hack - HackerRank: Registration Link

Day 2 [Mozilla Communities & Technologies]:

  1. Brief Introduction to Mozilla
  2. Mozilla products at a glance
  3. Brief on Webmakers (Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, Popcorn)
  4. Brief on Platform products (Firefox, Thunderbird, B2G)
  5. Brief on supporting projects (Addons, Devtools, Persona, Marketplace)
  6. What-Can-I-Do-For-Mozilla [] (Q/A)
  7. Hands on to WebMaker tools
  8. Hands on Building Your Own Firefox
  9. Demo of FirefoxOS (with How-To's)
  10. Hands on Firefox Devtools, Persona Login & Addons/Webapps
  11. Closure

Slides from the sessions:

Day 1

  1. Google Summer of Code - Sayak Sarkar: Link | Alternate Link

  2. Outreach Program for Women - Priyanka Nag: Link

Day 2

  1. Mozilla Webmaker - Sayak Sarkar: Link | Alternate Link

  2. Build You Own Firefox- Sankha Narayan Guria: Link


  1. Establishment of the Student's Creative Software Club in BESU which is Kolkata's first student initiated software club backed by a major University which is open to students from any College/University in the region.

  2. Creation of the first formal Mozilla club in West Bengal under the purview of the Student's Creative Software Club.

  3. Identification of at least 5 potential future REMOs and atleast 25 potential dev contributors for who if properly guided and mentored can be a great asset to the community.

  4. Positive interaction with members from some other major FOSS communities in the region about the possibilities of creation of co-operative environment for all to foster future initiatives.

  5. Securing a permanent community space for all volunteers and community members from the region at one of the university's most prestigious convention centers, with dedicated internet connection, projectors, seating arrangements and lab space.

  6. Huge impact of outreach among the students from a large number of students from the area, with requests for creation of formal developer hubs and Mozilla clubs in other institutes coming in before the end of the first day of the event itself.

  7. Requests have also come in from a few IT corporate firms regarding the possibility of organizing Hackathons at corporate spaces.

  8. Most of all the event provided a huge boost to the morale of the more than just a few scattered Mozilla community volunteers who witnessed such a large scale event in the region for the first time.

Attendees Write-ups

Day 1

  1. Priyanka's Blog Post about the first day can be found here
  2. Event Update by Sucheta can be found here

Day 2

  1. Priyanka's Blog Post about the second day can be found here
  2. Soumya's Blog Post about the event can be found here


  1. Storified images and tweets from the event posted by Sankha can be found here

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