Mozilla Codebase Bootcamp

JAN 2015

Category Accessibility, Automation, Code Contributions, Developer Tools, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Mozilla Reps

Hashtag #MozBootMumbai

Description The event is for some enthusiastic people wanting to get their hands on Mozilla codebase. Geeks from and around Mumbai are invited to attend the event. Event is definitely free of cost but intended for hard core developers. Hence there would be a screening criteria and candidates would be shortlisted. Registration Form :

Venue DirectiPlex

City Mumbai

Region Maharashtra

Country India

Some of the issues we would focus on are : 1. What per-requisites are required for getting started into Moz Codebase (Recommending Linux Environement)

  1. Building Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox OS or other applications.

  2. Get a Bug to work on. (Good First, Mentored Bug, Student Projects).

  3. Procedure to Fix the bug (including followup with the mentor over IRC and Bugzilla page, getting the patch reviewed).

Our Goals:

  1. Educate and inspire developers to work on Bugs and submit patches

  2. Create opportunities for developers to gain experience in the language domain they prefer

For any Queries Contact:

-Amod Narvekar email: Contact: +919869277431

-Akshat Kedia email:

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