Mozilla Web Day at Central Luzon State U

SEP 2012

Hashtag #moz-clsu #moztour #mozph

Description One whole day of Mozilla goodness, keynote, a little history of the Open Web, product demonstrations, opportunities and more

Venue Central Luzon State University

City Science City of Muñoz

Region Nueva Ecija

Country Philippines

This event will introduce Mozilla as a non-profit that cares deeply about the open web. It will feature the products and programs that Mozilla does in line with the objective of keeping the web open through open standards, as well as the cool new things that Mozilla does such as the Firefox OS, Web Forward, and WebMaker.

This will also become a chance for us to recruit new student reps and ReMos for Central Luzon, where we currently do not have any representation.

Estimated Attendance

  1. 100