Mozilla Developer Camp - RNSIT


Initiative MozActivate

Category Evangelism Product

Description The event is 3 month long track whihc will train students on 3 Technologies namely Android, Python and Web Development. We have 60 seats per track so that brings the attendance of the event to 180 candidates. Registrations have already opened and we've recieved an overwhelming response. This is not a beginner's course. We have partnered with Udacity for the course structure and project assistance and the event will be organized under the Mozilla Club along with the IEEE Student Chapter.

Venue RNS Institute of Technology

City Bangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India


Duration: 12 weeks (9-week Training + 3 weeks for Projects)

Weekly commitment: 10 hours

Instructor: Rimil Dey and Utkarsh Bhimte Timeline

Week 1: Intro to the Internet and Web Technologies

 Intro to Web – Technologies and Protocols

 Intro to HTML 5

 Intro to CSS 3

Week 2: JavaScript Fundamentals

 Variables

 Conditionals

 Loops

 Functions

 Arrays

 Objects

Week 3: Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

 Responsive Web Design Theory

 Media Queries and breakpoints

 Responsive layouts using Flexbox

 Responsive Images

Week 4: Bootstrap Fundamentals

 Grid Layout

 Components

Week 5: jQuery Deep-Dive

 DOM and $

 Event Listeners

 DOM Manipulation

Week 6: Complex Animations

 CSS 3 Transitions

 Animations using JavaScript

Week 7: Interaction Design and UX Basics

 Design Thinking

 Prototyping a web design on Illustrator/Photoshop

 Wire framing and Responsive Design

 Using the right typeface

 Designing a Favicon

 Other Prototyping tools (Framer JS, Sketch, Origami etc)

Week 8: AJAX and Intermediate JavaScript

 AJAX Basics

 Object Oriented JavaScript

 JavaScript Design Patterns

 JavaScript Unit Testing

 Website Optimization techniques

Week 9: Angular JS and Node JS

 Angular Basics

 Writing JavaScript on the serverside using Node JS

Update: The registrations for this event has been closed.