Mozilla Hack & Developer Code Sprint.


Category Addons, Apps, Campus, Code Contributions, Developer Documentation, Developer Tools, Diversity and Inclusion, Evangelism Product, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Localization, Mozilla Leadership Network, Recruiting, UX, Web Development


Hashtag #MozillaWarangal #MozillaDevWgl

Description The Technology related event to focus on getting students and new potential contributors started to open source. Intro to Firefox Development and Dev-Tools, Web Applications, Firefox OS Phone Applications, Git based DVCS Projects of Mozilla, Bug Day and Triaging, MDN Documentation etc.., Involving more women into Open source. Bring in more contributors than just Computer Scientists and related engineers. Expand open source contributors to people who love the web and want it to be open.

Venue NIT Warangal

City Warangal

Area Andhra Pradesh

Country or Region India

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