Mozilla Hello Web- Web Literacy Campaign


Initiative Other

Category Mozilla Leadership Network


Hashtag #helloweb, #teachtheweb, #mozillahelloweb

Description Hello Web is a Mozilla Clubs Web Literacy campaign launched to inspire students from across cities from different parts of India to be better Web Citizens.

Venue Multiple venues

City Kolkata

Area West Bengal

Country or Region India

We use the web to support us in all walks of life and so it becomes our moral duty to protect it and stop the abuse of this vital resource. Instilling this thought in the minds of children of different standards and pertaining to different backgrounds is perhaps the most effective way of preserving the web. We are not only focusing on school children but also on children from orphanages and those who are not aware of how the Internet can change lives. We intend to set up Mozilla Clubs and make these children aware of how the Internet can change their lives, make them acquainted with the fundamentals of the web and also provide the institutions with Internet connectivity and web literacy teaching kits.