Mozilla, HTML5 and Its Hidden Potential

DEC 2013

Category Apps, Code Contributions, Firefox OS, User Support (SUMO)

Hashtag #moztalkunimas

Description Universiti Malaysia Sarawak is a local university in Malaysia. I was invited by one of the lecturer in this university to collaborate teaching on web development. As a guest speaker, I find it feasible to organize an event based on HTML5 and have hands on session on building Firefox OS app to expose the undergraduates to Mozilla and its technologies.

Venue Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

City Kuching

Region Sarawak

Country Malaysia

A keynote session on Mozilla, its manifesto and its technology will first be delivered in the event. Next, the undergraduates will attend a few breakout sessions such as building HTML5 app, SuMo, contributing to Mozilla code base via Github and a contribute to QA. Overall undergraduates who will attend this event have basic knowledge on web development on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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