Mozilla Kick start workshop, Mangalore


Initiative MozActivate

Category Emerging Technologies

Description A workshop for college-level students at Mangalore regarding Open Web and contributing to Mozilla. The main goal of this event is to cater to students near Mangalore region and give them some exposure about open source contributions and Mozilla's initiatives. The two outcomes for this event are to help build a sustained Mozilla community presence at Mangalore and activate contributions across two major Mozilla pathways - IoT and Web dev.

Venue Mangalore

City Mangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India


Day 1 -

  • Introduction to Mozilla's ecosystem (Free culture)
  • Club Inauguration
  • Introduction to version control using git and mercurial
  • Bugzilla
  • Firefox Test Pilot
  • Hands on session (web dev - basic HTML & CSS)

Day 2 -

  • Contribution Pathways of FSA
  • IRC & mailing list channels
  • Mozilla Maker party (lightning talk)
  • Hands on session (web dev - basic JavaScript)
  • HTML profile page challenge
  • Connected Devices ( IoT prototypes demo)
  • What can I do for Mozilla session
  • Wrap up & photos