Mozilla Louisville Community Meeting

OCT 2012

Hashtag #MozillaLou

Description We are a group of 2 people working on setting up Mozilla Louisville Community. Due to this, we are hosting the first official Mozilla Louisville Community meeting. This meeting aims to gather people who already are Mozilla contributors (in one way or another), who want to contribute to a variety of Mozilla projects, get directly involved in Mozilla and especially help us built the community here in Louisville.

Venue LVL1 Hackerspace (814 East Broadway)

City Louisville

Region Kentucky

Country United States

We invite anybody that is interested to join us this coming Thursday.

By anybody, I mean non-programmers, those seeking to become programmers, and programmers alike.

We are looking for people who have passion and are willing to funnel that passion to the Open Web and Open Source community. Mozilla also needs people who are willing to work on documentation, marketing, help with campaigns, give new ideas, and a variety of other interesting areas.

At this meeting there will be a brief presentation on:

  • Mozilla and the mission,

  • Communities around the world,

  • Top project such as: Firefox OS/Boot to Gecko, Firefox for Android, Firefox for desktop etc,

  • How to contribute in the community and

  • Why to contribute.

Along with this, there will be plenty of time for Q&As, getting to know each other and in general having a fun time!

Venue website: [ ]

1 attending, including...