Mozilla Outreach Program at BIT, Vadodara

JAN 2016

Initiative Other

Category Campus

Hashtag #mozBIT

Description Mozilla is absent in Vadodara. This event mainly focuses on reaching out to the students of Babaria Institute of Technology(BIT), introduce them and help them understand, the Mozilla missions, projects & products. The program will also target at encouraging students to explore their interests in a plethora of ideas followed by a Firefox Club launch.

Venue Babaria Institute of Technology, Vadodara, Gujarat

City Vadodara

Region Gujarat

Country India

BIT institute is one of the renowned ones in the Gujarat Technical University(GTU). The outreach program will primarily focus on introducing the students with what Mozilla really is all about. How & to what they can contribute. Why Firefox Browser? followed by a club launch lead by a college representative.

The schedule for the event

Agenda : * Briefing &Introduction * About Mozilla & FOSS * Mozilla Missions * Mozilla products & current projects * Firefox Browser, Privacy features. * FSA Program * Games & Quizes

Overview of below topics : * Various Task Forces Formations * Webmaker * Mozilla Location Services(MLS) * FirefoxOS and marketplace * L10n * Mozilla Support * WoMoz * Documentation & Crafting * Conclude with a club launch.

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