Mozilla Pakistan Community Work-weekend


Category Code Contributions, Web Development

Hashtag #MozPkWorkweekend #Workweekend #MozPk

Description This meetup will involve some active members of Mozilla Pakistan community to help with strengthening the virtual presence of our community.

Venue Beaconhouse National University

City Lahore

Region Punjab

Country Pakistan

Details of the tasks is mentioned below:

1) Strengthen Mozilla Pakistan community's virtual presence by developing, hosting and launching the official website of Mozilla Pakistan

2) Enlist Pakistan in the Mozilla Regional Community page on

3) Add a Mozilla Pakistan Mailing List on and

4) Add a Mozilla Pakistan Newsgroup by the address on

5) Create a Mozilla Pakistan group on Google Groups and add it on

6) Regional Community Identity - some communities have made their own regional identity by creating a specific logo or mascot to represent their community internationally, as shown here:

7) Set Goals & Define a Roadmap for 2014

8) Recruit more Localizers to fulfill Localization Goals for Localizing Firefox, Firefox OS, Webmaker, etc..

9) Further the development of Firefox Student Ambassadors program in Pakistan by recruiting more Firefox Students & creating Firefox Clubs in various parts of the country

10) Encourage experienced Firefox Student Ambassadors to sign-up for becoming a Regional Marketing Ambassador (RMA)

11) Find a way for some of the current & long time Pakistani Mozillians to join ReMo - Mozilla Reps

12) Get Pakistani Mozillians' blog posts featured on Planet Mozilla -