Mozilla Presence in Multistakeholder Consultation on Encryption

DEC 2016

Initiative MozActivate

Category Advocacy and policy


Description second Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on Encryptionon17th of December, 2016 at the TERI Campus in Bangalore from 10:30 AM onwards. The event will be organised jointly by ORF, the Centre for Internet and Society, and the Takshashila Institution.

Venue TERI, Bangalore

City Bangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India


With a view to introduce a draft encryption policy, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has reached out to stakeholders to help contribute to its second iteration. The first draft was released in late 2015, but withdrawn subsequently due to concerns raised by civil society and the private sector.

The consultation will be divided into two segments: an open house and a panel discussion with high-level government representatives, including Dr. Gulshan Rai, the National Cyber Security Coordinator. You are invited to join both sessions (starting 1030 hrs), and help shape the discussions around this crucial subject. event is invitation only

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