Mozilla Reps Leadership Meetup 2014


Category Recruiting


Hashtag #RemoLeMe2014

Description The Mozilla Reps Leadership are the Council and Module Peers. The Council provides the general vision of the program and oversees day-to-day operations globally. Currently, 7 volunteers and 2 paid staff sit on the council. The Peers oversee the Council and provide input and vision on the program in general.

Venue Mozilla Paris Space

City Paris

Area Île-de-France

Country or Region France

Traditionally billed as Council meetings, these bi-yearly sessions are designed to get the project leaders together to work on planning and strategy for the program. The program has made a huge impact, but to ensure continued impact we have to continually assess the program to make improvements and work on future strategy. As of January 2014, there are 409 Reps globally who have organised 2179 events and filed 6027 reports on their activities.

The items we will be focusing on during the meetup can be grouped into four main categories: structure, learning and development, visibility, and tools. Wrapped aroud all of these is the organizational goal of 1 Million Mozillians one of our main tasks will be to determine how we position the program to help reach this.

14 attending, including...