Mozilla Turns 15

APR 2013

Category Creative, Identity, Mozilla Leadership Network, People, Public Relations, Recruiting, User Engagement


Hashtag #MozillaTurns15 , #webmaker , #genopen

Description This is a relatively small gathering of Mozillians from the Kolkata region to celebrate 15 years anniversary of Mozilla.

Venue Cafe Coffee Day - South City Mall

City Kolkata

Region APAC

Country India

This was a relatively small meetup of Mozilla volunteers based in the Kolkata region to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Mozilla.

The discussion agenda of the evening were as follows:-

  • Discussions about the history of Mozilla and How it evolved into what it is today.

  • Discussion about the future roadmap of the Kolkata sub-community and the way forward.

  • And Finally of-course the highlight of the event: The cutting of the Anniversary Cake!! ;-)

Outcomes from the Meetup:-

  • Decided to put major focus on small-scale dev/l10n/webmaker workshops in the Kolkata area to facilitate the large number of student enthusiasts in the region.

  • Focus on getting more developers involved with the community.

  • Form special interest groups among students from various colleges, wherein each group focuses on a particular area of contribution based on their individual interests.

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