Mozilla UP Community Orientation

SEP 2015

Initiative Other

Category Recruiting

Hashtag #MozUP

Description MozUP is having an orientation session for the newbies around here where new contributors who signed up can get oriented and aspiring contributors can get to know about the contribution areas. Vnisha will be helping run this orientation event.

Venue Lucknow Diaries

City Lucknow

Region Uttar Pradesh

Country India


  • About Mozilla
  • About Mozilla Uttar Pradesh
  • How to contribute to Mozilla
  • FSA program
  • WoMoz

The main agenda of our Event is to provide information and education to student about Mozilla and help student to know more about the work of Mozilla and Mozilla Uttar Pradesh.

We have another agenda point which is equally important is to have a GeoLocation Sprint, talk about the Mozilla Location Service, In support to Mozilla India's event Stumbling in a Box INDIA contributing to Mozilla and open projects and introduction to stumbling tools that bring knowledge to participants on how to gather Geolocation information in their city.