Mozilla User Research Campaign, Delhi


Category Firefox OS, User Engagement, User Research

Description Mozilla's Cori Schauer's Consumer Insights team is putting together a trip for about 15 people to Delhi and Jaipur the first week of June to learn about mobile usage in India. The team will be in Delhi from June 1-4th.

Venue TBD

City New Delhi

Region Delhi

Country India

Delhi's schedule of the team will include:

  • Hosting a community dinner in Delhi.

  • Hosting open houses where recruited participants will help them learn about mobile usage. They will be working with a local research agency to plan this event, but they may have a need for additional translators. They are currently planning to hold the Delhi open house on the evening of June --.

  • Tour the city and document the their observations around different themes like family, money, mobile, etc. They are working with a local educational tour guide to plan these excursions, but they may need additional local guides/translators. These would take place each day they will be in Delhi.